• Getting Started with Adara

    Registration and KYC verification, deposits and withdrawals, connecting to Adara Platform via API.

    5 Articles
  • Legal

    Adara Platform Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and other legal documents and data processing description.

    2 Articles
  • List Your Token on Adara

    Learn more about Adara Platform token listing process and requirements.

    1 Article
  • Trading

    How to trade on Adara Platform and How are fees applied?

    3 Articles
  • Widgets Library

    All Adara platform content accessible through the Widgets Library, including but not limited to trading analysis, alg...

    10 Articles
  • Adara Reputation Score Program

    Invite people, earn parscore to get higher Adara Universe Rank which will provide an access to Adara'a IEO.

    3 Articles
  • Adara's IEO

    AAA is the Adara utility token used to pay trade fees and to incentivize and reward users. AAA is provided as a rebat...

    1 Article
  • Giveaway Program

    100 days of giveaways, 100 BTC in prizes! WIN 1 BTC of AAA every day!

    1 Article
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